#PHL2015: 16 photos of Philadelphia’s 2015 candidates getting awkward

Kenney pork

Later today, Philadelphia will find out its next mayor, its next members of city council and more as part of the 2015 Philadelphia general election. But for the last few months Philadelphia has been able to enjoy something else: the campaigns.

And when candidates campaign they get photographed in many embarrassing/hilarious photos. Sometimes they even share photos from the past so they can seem hip with the whole #TBT thing. Billy Penn has collected 16 of these weird photos from City Council and mayoral candidates so you may gawk and laugh at some of the future leaders of our city.

Allan Domb

The condo king has a new nickname: scooter king.


Helen Gym

Ladies night!

Helen Gym
Helen Gym Facebook

Terry Tracy

Tracy already knows the cardinal rule of politics: NEVER turn down a picture with some dude dressed as Rick Flair.

Terry Tracy
Terry Tracy Facebook

Sweet ride, Terry.

Terry Tracy van
Terry Tracy Facebook

Al Taubenberger

How serious is Taubenberger about business and politics? He doesn’t wear a swimsuit to the beach or even let his family wear one.

Al Taubenberger beach
Al Taubenberger Facebook

He also has the Swiss Alps vote on lock.

Al Taubenberger alp horn
Al Taubenberger Facebook

David Oh

Oh, hanging out in what appears to be the nail polish section of a drugstore.

David Oh
David Oh Facebook

Mascot shot!

David Oh mascot
David Oh Facebook

Boris Kindij

When you don’t have millions of dollars coming in from Pacs, a la Jim Kenney, you have to go grassroots to get votes in the mayoral race. And Kindij went super grassroots.


Melissa Murray Bailey

Weird photos of her were kind of difficult to find. But no one runs for political office without at least stumbling into an awkward photo op once or twice. Here, Murray Bailey goes NPR casual.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.55.06 PM
Murray Bailey Facebook

Scarf? Or a backwards hooded sweatshirt? Either way, go Eagles!

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.55.57 PM
Murray Bailey Facebook

Jim Kenney

Kenney, Philadelphia’s probable next mayor, has by far the most hilarious pictures. All of these have been taken since the primary. Thank you, Jim, for injecting a little bit of weirdness into this election.

NOBODY becomes mayor in this city without having at least some experience as a DJ.

Jim Kenney was the pope before it was cool.

Other candidates would settle for a funny looking picture simply by wearing beads. Kenney always takes the concept a little further.

Jim Kenney making out with a dog.

And from another angle: Jim Kenney making out with a dog.


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