Marathon life not for you? There are plenty of other ways to keep moving when the holidays and bad weather get in your way.

It’s that time of the year: you’ll be eating Thanksgiving leftovers for about three days, the gym will be that place you walk by while you shop for gifts, and that whole thinking-about-others-holiday-spirit thing will become the perfect excuse to skip your run.

Most people put effort into staying healthy throughout the year, but the holidays seem to be the hardest time of all. We slack off on our fitness and wellness goals. We look forward to making New Year Resolutions in January and think we deserve some time off until then. Four Friendsgiving dinners? Sure, why not!

Luckily, Philly is full of creative ways to stay active, even when the weather sucks and the food is tempting. Follow these four tips and make a plan that works for your schedule.

Stop the excuses

You already know to expect a busier schedule and more temptations during the holiday season, so get ahead of the game and make your commitments now. Schedule your workouts in advance, make the most of your time every day and stick to your plan.

Like running but don’t want to run alone? has a list of more than 50 run clubs in the city. Bored with your current routine? Get Classpass, the monthly membership that lets you try out hundreds of studios up to three times for just $90/month.

Get an accountability partner

If you have a hard time holding yourself accountable, ask a friend, co-worker, or family member for help. That person can remind you to get your butt to the gym since you promised you would go, remind you of your goals, and inspire you to stay focused.

November Project PHL is a fun, and challenging fitness group that meets every Wednesday at the Art Museum steps for a total body workout. They consider themselves “weather proof,” so expect to see them every single Wednesday year round, regardless of the weather. They meet at 6:25am. Why so early? So that you can go the entire day knowing that your workout is already complete. 

Work out during your lunch break

Be strategic about how you spend your lunch hour. Go for a quick run, do some desk push-ups, or sneak into an empty meeting room for a five-minute stretch session.  Bonus points: Get your co-workers to join you and make it a company-wide initiative.

Body Cycle Studio, Flywheel and other spin classes offer lunchtime sessions guaranteed to make you ready for the second half of the day. Not into indoor cycling? Use Indego bike share and get your workout in while running errands.

Create mental motivation

You are your own biggest champion. Keep it positive! It’s easy to engage in negative self-talk, but you can combat that by reminding yourself how awesome you are.  Watch inspirational Youtube videos, read inspirational books, and pick a daily mantra for yourself. Your body achieves what the mind believes. Keep your mind healthy with thoughts of motivation, determination and success.

Kiera Smalls is passionate about helping others lead healthy lifestyles. She is the cofounder of City Fit Girls, a network for women interested in running and fitness,...