Help Billy Penn name the Ultimate Philly Holiday Cookie

The holiday season could really also be called “cookie season.” Which Philly treat represents it best?

Who doesn't like cookies?

Who doesn't like cookies?


The holiday season could really also be called “cookie season,” since you basically get to eat them guilt-free — who wants to risk being labeled a Grinch for turning one down?

Cookies show up this time of year at everything from office parties to gift swaps to big family dinners, and the best thing about them is they come in all different flavors. Despite their ubiquity, it’s almost impossible to get bored of them.

That doesn’t mean each person doesn’t have their own special favorite, the one cookie that makes winter worthwhile, that elevates a cup of hot cocoa or makes milk palatable for the only time since childhood. There are cookies that make great presents, and cookies that make great midnight snacks. Some cookies are snackable, while some are grand and decadent.

In Philadelphia, we’ve got a cornucopia of bakeries putting out a huge range of holiday treats. Which one represents the season the best? You get to choose by voting in the Billy Penn Ultimate Philly Holiday Cookie Bracket.


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