Merry Christmas, Philadelphia!  We decided the right way to celebrate the holiday would be to compare Philly’s biggest names in politics, entertainment and sports to characters in famous Christmas movies.

Now, we don’t actually think Lynne Abraham is a ghost or that Sam Bradford is a snowman. This is for fun. So with that in mind, enjoy seeing famous Philadelphians with their Christmas movie counterparts.

Jim Kenney: Buddy the Elf


Kenney knows he is Buddy the Elf. He dressed up like him earlier this week.

Kathleen Kane: George Bailey


Where would Pennsylvania be if Kathleen Kane had never been born?

Milton Street: Cousin Eddy


That relative who always seems to be getting into a tussle and can never stay out of the limelight.

Ori Feibush: The guy who holds up the signs in “Love Actually”


Ori obsessed over getting elected to City Council for years. The election came and he lost to Kenyatta Johnson and all of his money. “Enough. Enough now,” he must have muttered.

The Temple football team: Kevin McAllister


Every once in a while, the underdog wins. Temple toppled Penn State and had its first 10-win season in decades.

Sixers GM Sam Hinkie and and owner Josh Harris: The Wet Bandits


The guys who have set the Sixers into tank mode have stolen a lot of happiness from Sixers fans. Also, Harris landed his helicopter on a soccer field, ruining a kids’ soccer game.

Michael Nutter: The Grinch


It really seemed like the outgoing Mayor’s head grew three sizes this year. Like earlier this year, when his administration released a full report about its own accomplishments. Or later when Nutter, the mayor of one of the poorest cities in the country, said that after his time as mayor is up, he wants to “do something really radical in my life . . . making money for the first time ever.” As mayor, he earns more than $200,000 a year.

Darrell Clarke: ‘You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out’ mom/teacher/Santa


The last couple of years it seems like anytime Nutter had an idea he really liked Clarke was right there to shoot it down, like when he and City Council killed the deal to sell off PGW. Or when they put the brakes on that idea for a new prison (that, yeah, basically came down from Nutter).

Tom Wolf: Charlie Brown


Wolf has really been trying to govern, but obstacles and his own stubbornness have turned his first year into a sad one.

House Republicans: Lucy


They can’t get along with ol’ Chuck but at the same time need him.

The Pennsylvania Budget: The football in Charlie Brown


A lot of whiffs. Again and again and again.

Cindy Bass: Cindy Lou Who

cindy bass

The Councilwoman called out the porny prosecutors in the D.A.’s office, just like Cindy Lou Who called out the Grinch for stealing all the gifts.

Chip Kelly: The Bad Magician in “Frosty”


A lot of people thought Kelly could make magic happen with the Eagles’ offense. Things don’t always turn out that way.

Sam Bradford: Frosty the Snowman


He melted in the middle of the season but has started coming back to life.

John Fetterman: Rudolph


The Braddock mayor who is running for senate looks a little different than most politicians. But he says he’s ready to lead.

Lynne Abraham: The Ghost of Christmas Past


Abraham came out of retirement to tell us of Philadelphias from long, long ago.

Mark Dent is a reporter/curator at BillyPenn. He previously worked for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where he covered the Jerry Sandusky scandal, Penn State football and the Penn State administration. His...