Eagles release Chip Kelly: The Tuesday night reactions from Philadelphia fans

The Kelly era ended abruptly Tuesday evening after Eagles owner Jeff Lurie announced the move despite the Eagles having one remaining game in the season.

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The Philadelphia Eagles announced Tuesday that head coach Chip Kelly had been “released” by the team after spending three seasons in Philly.

The Kelly era ended abruptly Tuesday evening after owner Jeff Lurie announced the move with one game remaining in the season. In addition to Kelly, Vice President of Player Personnel Ed Marynowitz was also released. While the Eagles didn’t offer a reason for the swift move to end Kelly’s tenure, they did announce that more details will be revealed at a press conference Wednesday at noon.

And shortly after the news came down, the rumor mill started churning. Why release Kelly mid-season? Why use the word “released” instead of “fired?” Will Kelly return to coaching college ball, or maybe head to Nashville to be reunited with now-Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota?

Here are a few of the rumors flying around and the information trickling out to Eagles beat reporters:

Inquirer reporter Jeff McLane noted that he’s hearing that Howie Roseman, the guy Kelly pushed out earlier this year, will return to the team to handle personnel.

Philadelphia ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio is apparently reporting owner Jeff Lurie wanted to strip Kelly of his personnel control… and it didn’t go so well.

NJ.com reporter Eliot Shorr-Parks says Eagles players pretty much had no idea this was happening.

This photo of Kelly leaving the tunnel after his last game as a head coach now seems oddly fitting.

And speculation is flying that not only could Kelly return to college, but he could go back to coach Mariota.

Thank you, Steve Harvey, for the analysis.

Emmanuel Acho, who was cut earlier this season, with the subtweet of the evening.

And for now, these are some of the best tweets about the entire ordeal from fans and Philadelphians (and one player). Enjoy.

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