The 2010 butter sculpture representing dairy families. Credit: Twitter via @VisitPA

The Pennsylvania Farm Show unveiled the 2016 butter sculpture this morning, and it looks like this: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The idea behind the sculpture is quite meta. It’s supposed to represent a generation of farmers experiencing the Farm Show.

Shruggie, meta, whatever — who doesn’t enjoy looking at a good butter sculpture? Every year, it’s the oddest part of the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Here are butter sculptures from past years, going back to 2004 and what they represent.

2015: The milk delivery program “Fill A Glass With Hope”

2014: The 60th anniversary of the Farm Show’s milkshakes

2013: Pennsylvania-produced farm products

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2012: The 100th anniversary of 4-H, which is responsible for county fairs

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2011: The partnership between the National Dairy Council and the NFL

2010: Dairy farm families

Butter sculpture 2010 via twitter
Credit: Twitter via @VisitPA

2009: Farmers in the Pennsylvania National Guard

2008: Agricultural education

2007: Ben Franklin and the Liberty Bell

2006: The past, present and future of the dairy industry

2005: Farmland preservation

2004: Milton Hershey

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