What’s the ultimate Philly sandwich? Vote in our bracket

In all truthfulness, there might not be a more contentious question.

Danya Henninger

What’s the best sandwich in Philadelphia? There might not be a more contentious food question.

Philly has an international reputation for between-the-bread prowess, and living here only makes the abundance of great options more apparent. How do you crown a winner? The best way to find out, we decided, was to seed the battlefield with prime selections in four categories, and let them duke it out via your votes. Hence, the official Billy Penn Sandwich Bracket — presented by Yards Brewing, of course, because Philly beer makes Philly sandwiches even better.

A couple of methodology caveats before you cast your vote (or let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter): There are no cheesesteaks in this race, no burgers and no hot dogs. Those specialties each deserve their own time in the spotlight — and that time will come.

But right now, it’s time for other classics to have their day. Four categories are up for discussion: Pork Sandwiches (roast pork, pulled pork, BLT, etc); Hoagies (if you need this defined, you prob don’t deserve to vote); Hot Sandwiches (fried chicken, meatball, hot pastrami, etc.); and Veggie Sandwiches (because some sandos are so great, they don’t even need meat). Also, note that it’s not only taste or enjoyment that’s up for consideration, but which best represents our city.

So go forth and let us know — what is the ultimate Philly sandwich?


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