Milton Street is on the move again.

One year after his residency and his party registration were challenged during a mayoral run, he has a new address and a new party registration.

According to city records, Street is now a Republican. He changed his registration as of January. And he now resides in the 1700 block of Anchor Street, in the Frankford area of the city.

Street has been a Republican before. He switched to that party while he was a member of the Pennsylvania House in the 1980s. Perhaps this recent party switch has something to do with his support for Donald Trump.

To be eligible to run for mayor, a candidate must have lived in Philadelphia for at least three years preceding the election. Street has been connected to a South Jersey property for a long time, so if plans to challenge Jim Kenney in 2019, like he did Michael Nutter in 2011, he needs to start living in Philadelphia ASAP.

Does he actually live in Philadelphia, at this new address or any of the addresses he has previously listed as his residence? Billy Penn went to check it out and found nobody was home at any of his Philadelphia houses.

6300 block Farnsworth Street

Street listed this Mayfair address as his residence on campaign finance forms during the 2011 mayoral election. It was owned back then — and still is — according to property records by Theresa Street.

The house still has Christmas icicle lights over the porch and what appears to be a fake bouquet in the front window. A shovel and umbrella are in front of the house. Somebody more than likely lives there.

2200 block W. Firth Street

This Strawberry Mansion location was listed as Street’s home for the 2015 mayoral election. It’s down the street from an Apostolic church and a corner store. The house is dilapidated, with no glass panel in the front door where it is needed to protect the inside from the elements. Several flyers are on the porch leading to the house.

The house has been owned by someone named Malik Cadwell since 2003.

1700 block Anchor Street

Up in Frankford, Street’s latest supposed home is located in a large circular swath of houses. Like the Farnsworth Street house, Christmas was still in full effect, with a sign in the front yard that featured Santa Claus. There was also a Beware of Dog sign in a front window. The house has been owned by James Street Jr., whose mailing address is listed as being in Maryland, since 2007.

New Albany Road, Moorestown, N.J.

It’s no secret that Street might actually live in New Jersey. When he announced his candidacy for mayor last year on Facebook, he did so with the location stamp of Moorestown.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.57.17 AM
Credit: Facebook

Alas, Street was not at a Moorestown location that turned up in a database search. We attempted to contact him by phone, and through his seemingly preferred method of Facebook messaging, but were not successful.

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