VIDEO: Watch Katt Williams brawl at the Troc last night

The troubled comedian was caught on camera freestyling, doing push-ups, dancing and cursing out fans on the mic before things escalated.

Katt Williams' fighting stance

Katt Williams' fighting stance


Video has surfaced of Katt Williams getting stomped onstage at Beanie Sigel’s concert at the Troc yesterday.  The video, posted by SnapGramTV, shows Williams onstage freestyling, doing push-ups, dancing and cursing at fans before things escalated.

What’s sad is that none of this is actually surprising. Last week, five women said Katt Williams held them at gunpoint. (Their story is they asked to take photos, he declined and when he peeped that one of them was filming anyway, he snapped. Williams says he got physical out of self defense after one of them came at his neck for his chain.) That’s just one Williams incident out of many in recent weeks that captured headlines; other stories paint a more troubling picture— such as when Williams, then a single dad, was arrested four years ago for child endangerment.

We wish we could find something funny in Katt Williams spitting his own version of “Milly Rock” at least, but we’re too busy clutching our pearls.