Philly police investigate Indego bike that hit Craigslist

The bike was posted Saturday with the title “Trek courier bike,” and the seller was asking for $125.

Craigslist Indego
Twitter via @bikemamadelphia

Police are investigating the Indego bike that appeared for sale in a Craigslist ad over the weekend, according to the bike share service.

“We cannot comment on the Indego bike spotted on Craigslist this past weekend as it is still an open police investigation,” spokesperson Denise Goren told Billy Penn via email. “We do however thank all the Indego members and fans who brought the post to our attention.”

Asked in a follow-up conversation about how Indego could tell whether a bike was missing or stolen or just not properly returned, Goren stressed the importance of firmly placing the bikes into return kiosks and waiting for “the last click.”

She said Indego has “worked through situations that have arisen” with regards to thefts and missing bikes but declined to discuss specifics.

The bike was posted Saturday with the title “Trek courier bike,” and the seller was asking for $125. A photo in the ad — which has since been deleted — include a barcode with the number “WTU342C3779J.” Another picture clearly showed the basket with an Independence Blue Cross logo that comes on every Indego bike.  

Indego says it’s able to track the locations of bikes based on the station they’re checked out from and the station they’re returned to. Goren declined to comment on how or whether Indego tracks bikes between stations.   

Users can be identified through credit card information that must be given for those using the service on a one-time basis. Unlike most other bike share programs around the country, Ride Indego users can pay with cash, but people who do must first sign up for an “Indego30 Cash Pass,” which requires them to submit personal information such as their name, phone number and address.

According to Ride Indego’s website, users whose bikes are stolen or lost are supposed to notify the bike sharing service within 24 hours. They may be charged a fee to replace the bike.

Ride Indego launched last April, with 72 stations and $16 million allotted for a five-year budget. The city and state provided a combined $4.5 million in funds. Last fall, the William Penn Foundation contributed $1.5 million to Ride Indego for the construction of 24 new stations this year. 

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