Updated Sept. 14

Heads up: Spirited Media, the parent company of Billy Penn, is looking for someone to round out the team in Pittsburgh.

The Incline, which launched on Tuesday, Sept. 13, seeks a Reporter/Curator.

If you’re interested in applying, email a cover letter and resume to Here’s what we need:


Pittsburgh’s newest digital news outlet needs someone to shape its daily report, a player-coach who can lead a small team of reporters with a simple mission: To cover stories no one else does, and tell them in ways that will surprise and delight. YOU ARE: Curious. Passionate. Opinionated. Fact-driven. A leader, not a boss. In love with narratives. You see stories everywhere, longform, explainer, profile: Whatever works best for the occasion. Help new Pittsburghers learn why the city’s great. Show old hands why things are that way, and why it matters. Update: July 18 — we have hired an editor! 

Manager, Sales & Events

Hi. You’re a salesperson stuck at a place that doesn’t “get it.” Maybe they’ve given up on digital; maybe you’re tired of telling them to pay attention to social media. You’ve run events that have started to feel boring and stilted. The Incline thinks news and events ought to be fun. We’re looking for an experienced, innovative professional to work as a Sales & Events Manager to help us launch in Pittsburgh and plan the busy monthly events schedule we’ve got lined up. And oh yeah, we need you to sell advertising and sponsorships on the site too! YOU ARE:  A detail oriented multitasker who works well with a team. A self-starter who likes to laugh. We need someone who thrives on hearing about an idea and running with it, from beginning to end. DETAILS AND HOW TO APPLY


The Incline is looking for an experienced, innovative professional to work as general assignment Reporter/Curators. This role will help establish the site’s tone, tenor and content mix by linking to the most interesting and relevant news and information for and about Pittsburgh, as well as creating original pieces of content that can’t be found elsewhere. YOU ARE: A problem-solving reporter who thinks like an editor, excels at interpersonal relations and customer service, and has a knack for spotting trends. If you want to be the fourth person to write up the same press release, we’re not for you. Interested in figuring out what stories have the biggest impact on the city, how to promote them, and how to spot and fill in the blanks? DETAILS AND HOW TO APPLY

Chris Krewson is the executive director of LION Publishers, a national nonprofit association that serves local journalism entrepreneurs build sustainable news organizations, and the founding editor of...