Wizard World Philadelphia is already half over, and with two days in the (comic) books, the big celebrities and movie stars are still set to arrive. Saturday and Sunday are the craziest days at Comic-Con, but Thursday and Friday in Philly sure didn’t disappoint.

Here are some of the best in cosplay, cars and what few celebrities there were on Thursday and Friday in Philly.

The first photo on Thursday featured an old-timey group including Captain America, a female Clark Kent, Agent Peggy Carter and…Benjamin Franklin?

Wizard_2016-06-02 14.54.05
Credit: Dan Levy/Billy Penn

How could you have a Batman (there were a lot of Batmen) without a good Robin? This might have been the best costume so far.

Credit: Dan Levy

There were a lot of Jokers, too. And A LOT of Harley Quinns.

Credit: Dan Levy

A lot of Jokers.

Credit: Dan Levy

No joke, almost everyone in a costume was some version of the Joker.

Or Harley Quinn.

Credit: Dan Levy

There weren’t too many celebs there on Friday (and really none that big on Thursday) but “Great Scott” that’s Christopher Lloyd!

Credit: Dan Levy

Stephen Amell was there Friday as well, signing autographs for Arrow faithful and plugging his TMNT movie at a special red carpet event. Getting photos in the “DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS” area isn’t easy. But here are two more!

Credit: Dan Levy

The Smoking Man didn’t have too many visitors. The Convention Center, for what it’s worth, is smoke free.

Credit: Dan Levy

There were video games galore.

Credit: Dan Levy

And cars…

Na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na…
Na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na… Credit: Dan Levy

Some really cool cars.

…never meanin' no harm…
…never meanin’ no harm… Credit: Dan Levy
I ain’t afraid of no hearse.
I ain’t afraid of no hearse.
Wizard_2016-06-02 15.26.21
Credit: Dan Levy

That is a custom built Delorean time machine with more than 600,000 miles on it. Proceeds from the photos go to the Michael J. Fox foundation.

Star Wars is big. A lot of Rey. So far we’ve been noticeably Chewie free.

Credit: Dan Levy

There were a lot of skulls on display. People liked holding them.

Credit: Dan Levy

There are a lot of Deadpools.

A lot of Deadpools.

Credit: Dan Levy

Look, it’s Danny “Clay-o.”

Credit: Dan Levy

And…these people!

Credit: Dan Levy

I assume that is a Sailor Moon character and I’m okay with being wrong.

Credit: Dan Levy

This was kind of creepy.

Credit: Dan Levy

But nowhere near as creepy as THIS.

This was creepy.
This was creepy. Credit: Dan Levy

This was just…weird.

Credit: Dan Levy

And a ton of people were getting tattoos. There had to be at least 20 different tattoo artists on site.

Credit: Dan Levy

Civil War II in the flesh, and metal.

A conga line of cosplay.

Credit: Dan Levy

Thor and Loki!

Credit: Dan Levy

Ant Boy!

Credit: Dan Levy

Black Widow and the Winter Soldier!

Credit: Dan Levy

Five dollar Lego figures! (Seriously, FIVE bucks. Five for $20, so there’s that.)

Credit: Dan Levy

Comic-Con is fun for all ages. This woman came dressed as She-Hulk (in her legal attire) while her two young sons came dressed as Hulk. Sadly, no Red Hulk or Hulking or Skaar. Also her husband didn’t dress up. That’s no fun.

Credit: Dan Levy

Conventions like this also bring people together. Spider-Boy asked if he could take a photo with Spider-Man.

Credit: Dan Levy

Word on the floor is that attendance is up this year, and the first two days prove evidence of that. Saturday and Sunday should be nuts, and likely many of the best costumes will be saved for the next few days. Good thing I got my “disheveled dad trying not to lose his kids” costume back from the cleaner in time for the weekend.