Read the letter: After 21 years and a conviction, Chaka Fattah resigns from Congress

The full text of the resignation letter he addressed to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Fattah Resignation letter

Chaka Fattah changed his mind today and decided he would resign from Congress effective immediately. Here’s the full text of the resignation letter he addressed to House Speaker Paul Ryan:

Dear Mr. Speaker,

Upon reflection, I hereby make official my resignation from the U.S. House of Representatives effective immediately.

In my previous letter I indicated a later resignation date in order to provide for an orderly transition of my office after 21 years of service in the House. However, out of respect for the entire House leadership, and so as not to cause a distraction from the House’s work for the people, I have changed my effective date.

I am proud of the work we have accomplished in the House, as we have passed legislation that has helped tens of millions of families. Through GEAR UP more than 12 million young people have been able to achieve their dream of a college education; hundreds of thousands of families were able to stave off foreclosure because of the Homeowner’s Emergency Relief Fund; across the nation new policies at all levels of government have been established to ensure all children have access to a high-quality education as a result of the work from the Equity and Excellence Commission; local and state governments have implemented comprehensive energy efficiency policies because of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program; and most importantly, millions who suffer from brain related diseases have a renewed sense of hope for a cure or treatment because of the groundbreaking work being conducted under the Fattah Neuroscience Initiative and the President’s BRAIN Initiative.

As a result of my work in Congress tens of thousands of families throughout the Philadelphia region now live in affordable revitalized housing; major investments have been in the city’s infrastructure; and millions of dollars have been invested in K-12 education and University research and outreach efforts.

None of my success in the Congress would have been possible without the bipartisan support of my colleagues; the hard and dedicated work of my staff; the votes of the citizens of the Second Congressional District; and the strong support of my family.

I am honored to have had the privilege to serve.

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