Hillary Clinton, presumably heading out for a night on the town in Old City.

The Democratic National Convention, in addition to performing the vital function of furthering the peaceful transfer of power in the world’s most powerful democratic republic, has one big side effect: It’s party time.

Parties for the DNC are taking place every day throughout the event, as well as the weekend before. Some organizers are asking for thousands of dollars to support charity to rub elbows with the rich and famous. Others are at dive bars where you can talk with marijuana advocates about the convention. And there’s everything in between.

We’re keeping a running list of the parties and events you can check out for the DNC. Know of one we missed? Email us at contact@billypenn.com and we’ll consider adding it.

The can’t-miss big events

From the week-long PoliticalFest to a benefit concert for veterans at the Trocadero, these are the top events of the week that our among our top picks.

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Theme parties

Into rock ‘n’ roll? Shopping? Weed? There is a party for you, and for so many more. These are the themed or focused happenings throughout DNC week.

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[pedestal-event id=”44880″]

[pedestal-event id=”44886″]

[pedestal-event id=”46252″]

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[pedestal-event id=”45543″]

[pedestal-event id=”44881″]

[pedestal-event id=”46834″]

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[pedestal-event id=”45673″]

[pedestal-event id=”44884″]

[pedestal-event id=”46836″]

[pedestal-event id=”45369″]

[pedestal-event id=”46253″]

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The ultra-exclusive

These parties are either sold out, difficult to get into or a little pricey. But they’re worth knowing about! Just in case you want to hang with some celebrities and have $7,500 to sling to get the Creative Coalition’s bash.

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Anna Orso was a reporter/curator at Billy Penn from 2014 to 2017.