We want your photos of Philly houses that don’t belong

We’re collecting photos of Philly’s oddest and most exotic-looking homes.

Out of place house
Mark Dent/Billy Penn

Sometimes in Philly the rowhouse just doesn’t fit.

Maybe it’s bright yellow or some other exotic color in a sea of white, beige, brown or other more neutral colors. Maybe it has an ornate facade or Christmas lights on all the time?

Is there one in your neighborhood? One you always pass on your commute? We’d like to see it because we’re compiling a post of Philadelphia’s most out of place houses.

bathroom tile house

A house covered in bathroom tiles in Fishtown

Shannon Wink

Please send us your photos via Snapchat, email or Twitter, along with the location of the house. And look out for a reply. We may want to ask for some more info. Details below!

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Twitter: Tweet us your out-of-place house photos at @billy_penn.

Email: Send us an email at with the subject line “Weird houses” and attach a photo of the house in the email with neighborhood info.

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