Photos: The smallest, tallest and most out-of-place Philly homes

Sometimes they have odd color schemes, sometimes they’re really small and sometimes they have bathroom tile.

Out of place houses
Mark Dent/Billy Penn, Twitter/@colonel_patrick, Google Maps

There’s always that one house in the neighborhood. It doesn’t quite fit. In a sea of rowhouses, with the architecture and the choice of paint rarely differentiating by much, this house stands out.

Sometimes it’s the color. Sometimes it’s a modern design. Sometimes it’s the size.

And sometimes it’s just a house decked out in bathroom tile for reasons unknown.

We asked for help finding some of these houses a couple weeks ago. Now, here they are, 12 impressive, out-of-place structures that add to Philadelphia’s trademark of being slightly weird.

Hellerman and Sackett, Mayfair

Hellerman and Sackett
Google Maps

The entire Home Depot outdoor section spread across a couple of front yards.  

Fitzwater and S. Randolph, Queen Village

Queen Village house
Photo via @VenkerSteell/Twitter

Blue, red and yellow tiles all over. The flowers match the house, too.

Magee and Battersby, Mayfair

Mayfair house
Google Maps

Vinyl siding looks a little different in a sea of brick, especially when you go for the Beetlejuice color scheme.

11th and Green, Eraserhood

Eraserhood house
Mark Dent/Billy Penn

The place is currently abandoned, just like the massive building overshadowing it (h/t @Eraserhood).

Montgomery and Frankford, Fishtown

South Philly house
Google screenshot

The house isn’t as small as it looks. It’s just dwarfed by its very large neighbors.

17th and Catherine/Fitzwater, Graduate Hospital

Graduate Hospital Tiny House

This house is about as small as it looks.

Ditman and Gillingham, Frankford

Frankford house
Google Maps

The only thing better than a regular porch is a second-story porch (h/t Jim Smiley).

Thompson and Juniata, Bridesburg

Bridesburg house
Google Maps

Whoever says you can’t get the suburban feel in the city hasn’t been to this area of Bridesburg. There’s a whole block of suburban-esque houses. This one happens to have the massive yard and even the white picket fence.

42nd and Girard, West Philly

Girard and 42nd
Google Maps

The sleek, modern look in the middle of an old row (h/t Jeff Deeney).

Montgomery and Memphis, Fishtown

bathroom tile house
Shannon Wink / Billy Penn

The bathroom tile house.

10th and Waverly, Washington Square West

Yellow house
Mark Dent/Billy Penn

The brightest yellow you’ll find in Philly.

Philip and Titan, Pennsport

That’s a “Scream” mask in the lower left corner.

20th and Green, Fairmount

Fairmount houses
Google Maps

As a tipster noted on Facebook, this stretch of Green Street has houses that “look like they were airlifted from New Mexico.” They sure do!

Dauphin and Amber, Kensington

Kensington house
Mark Dent/Billy Penn

As ultra-modern as it gets. And apparently ultra-modern these days means almost no windows.


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