There’s always that one house in the neighborhood. It doesn’t quite fit. In a sea of rowhouses, with the architecture and the choice of paint rarely differentiating by much, this house stands out.

Sometimes it’s the color. Sometimes it’s a modern design. Sometimes it’s the size.

And sometimes it’s just a house decked out in bathroom tile for reasons unknown.

We asked for help finding some of these houses a couple weeks ago. Now, here they are, 12 impressive, out-of-place structures that add to Philadelphia’s trademark of being slightly weird.

Hellerman and Sackett, Mayfair

Hellerman and Sackett
Credit: Google Maps

The entire Home Depot outdoor section spread across a couple of front yards.  

Fitzwater and S. Randolph, Queen Village

Blue, red and yellow tiles all over. The flowers match the house, too.

Magee and Battersby, Mayfair

Mayfair house
Credit: Google Maps

Vinyl siding looks a little different in a sea of brick, especially when you go for the Beetlejuice color scheme.

11th and Green, Eraserhood

Eraserhood house
Credit: Mark Dent/Billy Penn

The place is currently abandoned, just like the massive building overshadowing it (h/t @Eraserhood).

Montgomery and Frankford, Fishtown

South Philly house
Credit: Google screenshot

The house isn’t as small as it looks. It’s just dwarfed by its very large neighbors.

17th and Catherine/Fitzwater, Graduate Hospital

This house is about as small as it looks.

Ditman and Gillingham, Frankford

Frankford house
Credit: Google Maps

The only thing better than a regular porch is a second-story porch (h/t Jim Smiley).

Thompson and Juniata, Bridesburg

Bridesburg house
Credit: Google Maps

Whoever says you can’t get the suburban feel in the city hasn’t been to this area of Bridesburg. There’s a whole block of suburban-esque houses. This one happens to have the massive yard and even the white picket fence.

42nd and Girard, West Philly

Girard and 42nd
Credit: Google Maps

The sleek, modern look in the middle of an old row (h/t Jeff Deeney).

Montgomery and Memphis, Fishtown

bathroom tile house
Credit: Shannon Wink

The bathroom tile house.

10th and Waverly, Washington Square West

Yellow house
Credit: Mark Dent/Billy Penn

The brightest yellow you’ll find in Philly.

Philip and Titan, Pennsport

That’s a “Scream” mask in the lower left corner.

20th and Green, Fairmount

Fairmount houses
Credit: Google Maps

As a tipster noted on Facebook, this stretch of Green Street has houses that “look like they were airlifted from New Mexico.” They sure do!

Dauphin and Amber, Kensington

Kensington house
Credit: Mark Dent/Billy Penn

As ultra-modern as it gets. And apparently ultra-modern these days means almost no windows.

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