12 photos of Philly’s old timey Base Ball tournament

The Navy Yard played host to a 19th-century base ball tournament this weekend. Here are scenes from the old-fashioned fun.

Dennis Tuttle/5editorial

Wood bats. Woolen pants. Ninety percent humidity. Old timey baseball took over the Navy Yard this past weekend, as nearly 16 clubs from around the country convened in Philadelphia for a weekend exhibition stick-and-ball tournament, hosted by the Philadelphia Athletics Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia.

The “monetarily self-sustaining” event was played under the rules and customs of 19th-century Base Ball (two words) and was sponsored by the likes of Shibe Vintage Sports, Mike’s BBQ and Franklin Fountain.

Photographer Dennis Tuttle was at the event — he’s now a huge fan of the Franklin Fountain ice cream, and the local nine’s pitcher (and Franklin Fountain owner) Ryan Berley — and shared some shots with Billy Penn. Here’s a look at the old-time fun.

Dennis Tuttle/5editorial

The tournament featured teams like the New York Mutuals, the Diamond State Vintage Base Ball Club, Colorado Territorial All-Stars, Hoboken Nine and, pictured above, a member of the Keystone Base Ball Club of Harrisburg.

Dennis Tuttle/5editorial

I’ve watched a lot of baseball. I did not know ‘Base Ball’ used underhand pitchers.

Dennis Tuttle/5editorial

More sports should employ rolled up sleeves.

Dennis Tuttle/5editorial

It’s hard to know what’s going on there, but it looks rather painful.

Dennis Tuttle/5editorial

Old-timey, indeed.

Dennis Tuttle/5editorial

Please tell me after some hard swinging base ball, the teams took a break to cool off with sarsaparilla.

Dennis Tuttle/5editorial

Are they waving to the crowd or merely stretching their waving arms?

Dennis Tuttle/5editorial

I’m not sure what to say about this photo, other than no member of the Phillies has looked this cool in the on-deck circle in at least 10 years.

Dennis Tuttle/5editorial

Even the fans got into the garb of the era. Or this could be the commissioner. It’s hard to know.

Dennis Tuttle/5editorial

Last, the fun wasn’t just at the plate. Here a base baller shows off his bat skills. Look, ma! No hands. But a bib! And wool pants!

Dennis Tuttle/5editorial

For more information on the Philadelphia Athletics, head on over to their Facebook page. Or keep with the old-timey tradition, grab a quill and parchment and pen them a telegram. (Is that how technology used to work?)

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