Stunning sunsets. Crisp, cool air. Trees with leaves every shade of the rainbow. Plaid shirts and cardigans and blue jeans and boots. Autumn is pretty darn awesome.

But the best thing of all? It’s pumpkin spice latte season!

No seriously.

At least, that’s what almost half the Philadelphians they asked told McDonald’s.

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In an online survey sent out via email in advance of National Coffee Day, 45 percent of the 400 respondents said they felt the PSL was their ~favorite~ part about fall.

Not football. Not leaves changing color. Not big, cozy sweatshirts or snazzy leather jackets. Not dressing up for Halloween, or even eating candy.

Those were the actual other choices in the survey question, which specifically asked: “Which of the following best describes your favorite thing about fall?”

Pumpkin. Spice. Latte. Ok, they’re tasty. More like dessert than coffee, maybe, but tasty. Best thing, though?

Looks as if — unlike pumpkin beer, which saw way lower sales this year compared to last — the pumpkin spice coffee trend has not yet peaked

No matter whether you love the stuff or love to ridicule it, there’s a positive side of the Mickey D’s poll. One hundred percent of proceeds from all drip coffee sold on National Coffee Day, the day the PSL results were announced, will be donated to homeless and runaway youth nonprofit Covenant House of PA and NJ.

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