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The presidential election is in 19 days, and we’re all losing our minds. Less than three weeks left of ads and super PACs and candidates and mailers and gaffes and debates, etc. etc.

We also think this election cycle could use some levity. So we started writing Pennsylvania election haikus. And more Pa. election haikus. And now we want to read *your* Pa. election haikus. So write up a haiku (remember, it’s five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables) and tweet them at us using the hashtag #PAElectionHaikus. We’ll publish our favorites.

For inspiration, here are 14 of our own:

1. A weighty Senate race

Toomey McGinty

A weight on my fragile soul

For Senate control

2. The attorney general is a thing

They’re replacing Kane

But nobody knows their names

It’s John and Josh, guys

3. Find the remote

In Pennsylvania

Super PACs are annoying

Watching TV sucks

4. So sad, Trump

Donald needs the ‘burbs

His lone chance to take the state

Shame the rich hate him

5. Fact check that

Philly voter fraud

Donald Trump thinks it’s a thing

Though, that is bullshit

6. Election Day is Closer

PA votes matter

So does your friend in Boulder

Gone is her mattress

7. A crisis of rhyming

Shady Katie is

The slogan for Pat Toomey

And bike messengers?

8. Thanks, Citizens United

100 million

Spent on senate race so far

Money rules my life

9. Shift of power

Second district race

Well, at least it’s not Fattah

For him, jail awaits?

10. Making predictions

Trump will say more things

About Philly voter fraud

Jim Kenney tweets back

11. Good riddance

On November 9th,

Swing we’ll be no more, PA

Alas, it is done

12. State row offices, though

PA treasurer

Wait, who is running again?

Should be a doozy

13. The quest for PA

What if Trump wins here?

28 years since Rs won

Polls say LOL

14. The existential crisis

Deep thoughts of Toomey

I love Trump, I love Trump not

Make up your damn mind

Mark Dent is a reporter/curator at BillyPenn. He previously worked for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where he covered the Jerry Sandusky scandal, Penn State football and the Penn State administration. His...