Election 2017

‘Poll police’ spotted in West Philly; officials are investigating

The man allegedly hopped out of a truck, took off his jacket and flashed the badge.

Fake badges

Junior badges from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, on Flickr

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office is investigating a report that a man wearing a badge labeled “poll police” attempted to interfere outside a polling place near 39th and Haverford in West Philly.  

A police report was filed in the 16th District; a spokesperson from the DA’s Office confirmed that officials “are aware” of the incident and “we are investigating.”  

Billy Penn learned the confrontation happened after a question about a voter’s eligibility that was eventually resolved. After the ordeal, a group arrived in a pickup truck and the man with the badge approached the poll watcher, asking whether the poll watcher was making trouble. He took off his jacket and showed the badge.Te poll watcher apparently thought the man may have been a Trump supporter.  

The report follows an election day that had largely passed without major incident from Trump supporters and few complications period. At an afternoon press conference, the DA’s Office said it had received 10 calls of machine malfunctions, a handful of calls of illegal assistance and 13 complaints of electioneering .

Republican City Committee chairman Joe DeFelice said there were several incidents across Philadelphia in which Republican poll inspectors were denied entry to polling locations. The DA’s office and the US Department of Justice said they are aware of those complaints.  

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