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The moment at Hillary Clinton’s Philly rally that stopped her cold

“Not your fault!”


There was a lot to remember about last night’s rally in Independence Mall with Hillary Clinton (and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and Michelle Obama).

But there was one point on the final night of the campaign while Clinton was speaking that stopped her dead in her tracks. She was standing in Philadelphia overlooking a crowd of 30,000 people, reflecting on the campaign so far.

“I regret deeply,” she said, “how angry the tone of the campaign became.”

Without missing a beat a woman in the audience yelled back: “Not your fault!”

Somehow, despite being in a packed crowd of thousands of people, the woman’s voice was picked up on nearly every microphone and the crowd that stretched from the Constitution Center to Independence Hall heard it. Clinton stopped, shook her head in agreement, gave a smile and the crowd roared.

“And by the way,” she continued, “did any of you see those debates? Well I stood next to Donald Trump for four and a half hours proving conclusively I have the stamina to be president and commander-in-chief.”

Here’s video of the moment, courtesy of MSNBC:


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