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Kyle Lloyd swore to me he’s not Swoop’s cousin. Lloyd, who tweets at the handle @YungYle on Twitter, has won the Eagles #FanFriday contest a lot. By his recollection, he’s won the ticket contest five times this season, and has lost count of how many he’s won over the last few years.

“I don’t have any connections with the Eagles or I wouldn’t be out there on my lunch break not getting lunch,” Lloyd told me Tuesday. “I clock out for lunch early to get there. I have a boss who’s cool enough to let me take a lunch break at 11 o’clock to go see Swoop and give him a high five.”

The Eagles #FanFriday contest runs every week — Tuesday this week for the Thursday night game — and the rules are simple: Be the first person to high five Swoop at the location they tweet and you win two tickets.

Lloyd says he has a notification set up for the Eagles Twitter feed, and knows about what time they announce the location. Then he gets there as fast as possible.

“As soon as they post it,” Lloyd said, “normally they say around noon you have to be at the location and high five Swoop — and I’m just…there.”

He swears he doesn’t get the information in advance from someone at the Eagles. “There’s no cheating,” he said. “It’s just determination. That’s all.”

I asked how he’s able to get to these locations before other people. Just dumb luck would see him travel to Cherry Hill or Lincoln Financial Field and have him miss out on tickets because some random fan high fived Swoop without knowing what he could win. But Lloyd has faith in the decision to go. “The more I tell people about it,” he said, “the more people start coming to it. This year I had to compete with my sister. I got my blood sister out there at the location as well competition with me to get tickets.”

And yet, it’s not that easy. “It’s not about getting there,” he said, “Once you see the bird, you got to run to him. The first year I did it, I was slow. I didn’t take advantage. Someone ran past me. Ever since then, I’m like ‘I’m going to go for it. I’m going to get the tickets. If I see Swoop, I’m running.’”

He said one time this year his son won, but they credited him because his son isn’t on Twitter. He and his wife are die-hard fans, so much that the now infamous Eagles plug tweet was about a friend who got him tickets for his anniversary. Not, he stated, a person who works for the team tipping him off to freebies.

“It was my wedding anniversary so I wanted to make sure I was going to the game for my wedding anniversary so I told somebody I wanted to get tickets and they told me they got them for me and my wife. That was the plug. The thing is, I still went for Fan Friday anyway because I got family members. I got two sons, so every time I take somebody [in my family.]”

When asked if the team has said anything to him after all these wins or questioned how he’s getting to these locations first, he said they don’t say anything to him. “Swoop doesn’t talk. The guy, he sees me, ‘oh, you’re here again.’ He knows. There are some locations I won’t show up at, like Delaware. It’s just too far. If I can get to the location from where my job is, then I’ll go.”

But now he’s found out. He’s on people’s radar. And the Eagles may have to change the rules to prevent him from winning more, less people not believe him that this is all on the up and up. Won’t the attention screw up his hook up?

“That will screw my hook up totally. When I won after the second time I asked the guy…are there any rules about how many times you can win and he said, ‘no.’ And I said, ‘okay.’

“That was it. I’m only going to ask you the question once.”