Holidays in Philly

Happy holidays! A map of the 1,948 places to buy booze in Philadelphia

Just in case the holidays call for some booze.

Chillaxing at the reincarnated Triangle Tavern

Chillaxing at the reincarnated Triangle Tavern

Danya Henninger

Mark this one down in the “news you can use” category.

Restaurants, bars, liquor stores, bottle shops and other liquored-up establishments are heading into this booze-soaked time of year: When everyone is either 1. Thrilled to be drinking with friends and family! or 2. Driven to drink because of friends and family!

Whatever the case, we — and the 1,500-plus places to drink and buy booze in Philadelphia — are here for you, no matter which neighborhood or zip code you reside in. Using data from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, we mapped out every active liquor license in Philadelphia and also tossed in the 50 state stores that dot the city. (And don’t miss these establishments that are now selling wine *to-go.*)

Keep in mind: The names of the establishments are what’s on the liquor license, and may not be the common name the bar/ restaurant/ bottle shop is known by. But for this exercise, really all you need to know is location.

Here you go, Philly. Drink up.

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