Philly cops have volunteered to work Donald Trump’s inauguration

The department won’t say how many, or who, raised their hands.

Cops changing gear on 18th Street just off Pennsylvania Avenue for the 2005 presidential inauguration.

Cops changing gear on 18th Street just off Pennsylvania Avenue for the 2005 presidential inauguration.

Elvert Barnes, Flickr

An undisclosed number of Philadelphia police officers will work security in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 20 for the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. The Department says the officers selected volunteered to work the detail.

A spokesman with the Philadelphia Police Department said today that PPD is sending “a contingent of officers to assist with the inauguration” and the exact number won’t be released “as not to interfere with Secret Service plans surrounding security.”

It’s commonplace for cities surrounding D.C. to send officers to the city for large events like an inauguration to assist the Metropolitan Police Department. The Incline reported today that Pittsburgh Police are sending more than a dozen officers to work security between Jan. 18 and Jan. 21 at the request of Metropolitan Police.

In 2008, the Philadelphia Police department sent 290 officers to work the swearing-in of President Obama, whose inauguration was of historic proportions, as he was the first African American president to be sworn in. In 2012, the department sent 75 officers to work Obama’s second inauguration.

In the past, all costs incurred by departments assisting in D.C. were covered by Metropolitan Police.

Other Philadelphians making their way to the Trump inauguration in an official capacity include The First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry, a National Guard unit based at the 23rd Street Armory that will march in the inaugural parade for Trump on Jan. 20.

Bill Buchanan, who works with First Troop Cavalry in Philadelphia, said the group — which is the oldest military unit in the country — is sending about 25 people to participate in the inaugural activities and routinely participates in escorting world leaders.

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