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What should residents of Second Street do if their neighborhood is still a mess days after New Year’s has passed? Call 311.

The longtime unofficial after-party for the Mummers Parade has gotten more “official” in recent years. Police now set up barricades along Second Street and maintain a presence to help the march move more fluidly south. The city also bring in rows of porta-potties to help alleviate rampant public urination.

But Two Street still gets pretty wild — and clearing the area of the aftermath apparently hasn’t caught up.

According to one person who lives nearby, on the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 4 (more than 48 hours after post-parade festivities ended) there were still “broken beer bottles, empty beer cans, litter” and the debris caused by destruction of flowerpots or exterior decorations all over Second Street.

And on Wednesday afternoon, multiple sets of barricades were still lingering on street corners, some of them knocked over and leaning on homes. Per a city spokesperson, the barricades “should have been collected” by Philadelphia Police.

A few hours after we reached out to ask about the leftover metal structures, most of them were in fact picked up, Billy Penn has confirmed.

As for the trash: “Crews began cleaning immediately after the parade ended on Sunday,” said a Streets Department spokesperson. “They returned again [Tuesday] to spot check the area for any residual debris.”

Guess they missed some?

“There may have been additional blocks where items were set out after crews came through,” the spokesperson said, adding, “If there are materials still left behind, residents should contact 311 with their address. Sanitation crews will service the location as quickly as possible.”

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