Sittenhouse! Rittenhouse Square sit-on set for next week to protest wall ban

‘The targeted location exposes the true intent of this new rule: controlling who can use this public park.’

Rittenhouse wall
Mark Dent/Billy Penn

The news that people are now banned from sitting on the wall at Rittenhouse Square led to much shock and dismay from seemingly everyone who enjoys the park. So Erika L. Reinhard is organizing a way to fight back.

Reinhard, who was one of the first to post about the new rule on social media, has launched a protest called “Sittenhouse.” On Tuesday, January 17, she is organizing a group to conduct a “sit-on” on the wall at noon.

“The selective enforcement of rules in Rittenhouse park,” wrote Reinhard in the event’s Facebook post, “and the targeted location of the sitting ban exposes the true intent of this new rule: controlling who can use this public park and how they use it based on the preferences of a few powerful people.”

Signs prohibiting sitting on Rittenhouse’s famed wall went up this week. Friends of Rittenhouse, the city-affiliated group that takes care of the park, and a police officer told Billy Penn the decision was made because of marijuana smokers who sit on the wall and vandalism. The Parks and Recreation department added that “the walls were not originally designed to be used for seating so this measure will further protect the structural integrity of these iconic park features.”


Not feeling the Rittenhouse Square ban on sitting on the wall? Come out to protest by conducting a "sit-on" during lunch hour Tuesday.

Where: Rittenhouse Square

When: January 17, 2017 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

How much: FREE