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How valuable is the name Trump these days? About $5,000, according to eBay seller mori_russ.

The famous Trump name atop the recently closed Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City is being taken down. The casino and hotel shut down months ago, and the vacant building was purchased in October by billionaire Carl Icahn, but the name Trump was still plastered over the facade for months, until finally being taken down now that he’s President. And sold to the highest bidder.

Mori_russ has put the iconic Trump sign up for bid on eBay for $5000. Condition: Used. And it will cost an additional $63.99 for shipping, with the item location being Philadelphia, Pa. Here’s item description, via eBay:

For decades, these Sanskrit-style “Trump” signs greeted visitors at the entryway of Donald Trump’s iconic Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. Featuring illuminated ruby-red glass in riveted brass casing, they are as much pieces of art as they are pieces of history.

The signs were procured onsite and are in very good condition, though interior bulbs need replaced.

When it opened to frenzied crowds in 1990, the Taj Mahal was the most expensive casino ever built, and was billed the “eighth wonder of the world.” Note: For sale is the “TRUMP” component of the sign. The “TAJ MAHAL” component remains affixed to the property.

We reached out to mori_russ via eBay’s customer portal asking if we could see the item and perhaps photograph it, what with the location being in Philadelphia. Heck, we might even be in the market for a T, leaving a huge R-U-M-P for another interested buyer looking to make their new Center City office decor stand out. (Yes, we just moved to a new office. No, we aren’t actually in the market for this sign.)

Our inquiry, however, was shot down faster than Chris Christie wanting to order something other than meatloaf. Russ told us that other reporters have already reached out, but he and/or she will not disclose the location, or his and/or her name, for fear of a lawsuit.


Several reporters have reached out. At this time the location of these cultural treasures cannot be disclosed. My attorney advised me that there is a chance that folks at the Trump camp could sue me if I disclose my name. But I think The Donald would appreciate a young entrepreneur who recognized the value of these iconic letters and snapped them up. It’s the art of the deal, baby.

It is art, but for $5,000, it’s no deal.