Cheap Philly burger alert: Half-price deals every Monday at Pinefish

You’d think seafood, but don’t sleep on the beef.

Courtesy of Pinefish

Burger hunters, there’s a new deal in town. Starting next week, every Monday is half-price burger day at Pinefish in Wash West.

The corner restaurant, which took over the old Pine Street Pizza space, is ostensibly focused on seafood (it’s in the name, after all), but it’s had a killer sirloin steak on the menu since opening last summer.

And these burgers have a pedigree.

They’re made from a 70/30 chuck/brisket blend of richly-marbled Wagyu beef from Texas — the same breed of steer that produces renowned Kobe beef, except raised outside of Japan. The burgers are also a full eight ounces, so you’re getting a thick, juicy patty (unless you Trump it and order well done; certainly your prerogative).

During the 50-percent-off Monday deal, which runs 6:30 to 10 p.m. and includes a side of duck fat fries, prices start at $6.75 for the house burger, which has duck fat added to the Wagyu blend for extra richness. There’s also a burger topped with famous Italian Sottocenere truffle cheese and mushrooms ($8.50), a BLT burger with Nueske bacon ($7.75) and a show-stopper with seared foie gras and actual shaved black truffles ($12).

Proprietor Peter Dissin, who scored David Ansill as consultant on his opening menu, also rolled out a few other deals that start the week of March 6. Tuesdays will bring bottomless bowls of cioppino (Italian seafood stew) for $16, and on Wednesday nights $16 will score a fresh whole fish, either steamed, grilled or broiled.

If you go, don’t forget to take advantage of the wine list — it features several interesting or unorthodox varietals and blends for the Pennsylvania-reasonable price of $10 or $11 by the glass.

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