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You know the drill for local TV stations: Snow days are the best days. They send reporters all over the Philadelphia area to get beat up by wind drifts and interview people at gas stations.

And we get to laugh. Here are some of the best screenshots from this morning:

Trang Do draws the Allentown short straw. Eyelashes definitely frozen.

Bob Kelly: “I think people are getting that false sense of security. Look at the difficulty.”

Credit: Fox29 screenshot

DelCo Gas Station Man doesn’t get the fuss, Bob Kelly. Says the roads aren’t that bad.

Credit: Fox29 screenshot

TFW your employer orders you to the wrong side of a sand dune Downashore.

Annie McCormick isn’t looking too chipper, either.

Credit: 6ABC screenshot

Apparently Karen Rogers gets all the good gigs for 6ABC?

Fox29, keeping its reporter on the sidewalk in front of its Old City studio: “It is pelting the area, pelting my face.”

Credit: Fox29 screenshot

“They want you to turn the camera around, Dawn.”

Credit: Fox29 screenshot

And while Mike Jerrick is in South Carolina, his colleagues up north found a way to bring him back: Meet Snowman Mike Jerrick, new snow-day host of “Good Day Philadelphia.”

Credit: Fox29 screenshot

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