Watch: How to make your own Peeps for Easter

Ramona Susan’s shows us it’s a bit messy, but not hard at all.

Danya Henninger

Marshmallow Peeps are fun anytime of year, but they’re especially great at Easter.

The commercial variety is ok, but if you want them to actually taste good, the way to go is to make them yourself. Betty Halpenny of Ramona Susan’s Bake Shop in Fishtown has been making custom peeps for years  — and it turns out the process isn’t all that hard, though it is a bit messy.

Halpenny agreed to show Billy Penn readers the best and easiest way to create cute peeps at home. Check out the video and full recipe below. (And if you want to skip the mess, head to Ramona Susan’s to get these peeps the easy way.)

Marshmallow Peeps

by Betty Halpenny of Ramona Susan’s Bakeshop

Mix 325g sugar with 100g corn syrup and 110g water. Boil, using candy thermometer to read temperature, until mixture reaches 238°F.

Meanwhile, in a separate bowl, mix 10g vanilla extract, 130g water, 16g gelatin powder and a pinch of salt, and let sit.

Prepare the trays by coating with corn starch and colored sugar.

When sugar mix is boiling at  238°F, pour into gelatin mixture. Whip until solid, around 10 minutes, adding food coloring near the end. Scoop into pastry bag and pipe onto prepared trays. (Note: Do this quickly; it gets more difficult as the marshmallow hardens.) Sprinkle peeps with more sugar, then lift each pair into a bowl of sugar and toss to completely coat.

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