The Week in Parking

Even the Eagles cone park, PPA wants you to learn to not get tickets: The Week in Philly Parking

Plus, a man hops roof-to-roof on parked cars.

Parking Eagles
NBC 10 Screenshot

Don’t let anyone tell you professional athletes aren’t just like the rest of us.

There was ample evidence this week the Eagles act similar to residents of South Philly, Fishtown, Manayunk and every neighborhood where parking spots are tough to come by. That’s because they do cone parking.

Here’s proof, from Rosemary Connors’ NBC 10 report:

Parking Eagles
NBC 10 Screenshot

Also like us, the Eagles cherish a good parking spot. NBC 10’s coverage explained how the team participates in extracurricular competitions in the weight room and in games like table tennis and air hockey. Coach Doug Pederson assigns points to the winners. The player who gets the most points gets the front-and-center parking spot at the NovaCare Complex.

PPA: We’ll tell you how to not get parking tickets

Guys, the PPA is having a parking summit! The goal is to educate Philadelphians on how they can avoid tickets through “a fun and fact-filled workshop” the morning of June 17.

You think you’re ready for this kind of excitement? The PPA has a checklist to see whether you’re the right type:

If you:

1)  Get parking tickets

2)  Find parking signs confusing

3)  Cringe at the thought of parallel parking

4)  Want to learn how to avoid tickets and park safely in the city

Then, we cordially invite you to attend our FREE public workshop- “Street Parking 101.”

The enforcement agency will have officers discussing the tricks of the trade for avoiding tickets and even a certified driving instructor offering to teach people to parallel park.

If you want to go, act quickly. The PPA asks everyone to RSVP (you can do so by emailing by Friday June 9 and says space is limited.

The ultimate South Philly double park

This parking job really makes one question the laws of physics.

Sunday scaries got me like from philadelphia


A couple of apparent vandals started running away and while doing so decided to jump on everybody’s parked car.

Tweet of the week

This GIF is apparently what people in other cities think parallel parking is like. This response is an appropriate Philly reaction.

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