The Week in Parking

This week in Philly parking: Tow sign on a bike, and the return of the PPA app

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Ah, the old cop-parking-in-a-no-parking-zone trick.

Ah, the old cop-parking-in-a-no-parking-zone trick.

Mark Dent / Billy Penn

Flashback to a tow sign on a locked bike, the PPA’s app will be back and somewhere deep in South Philly, a man who just wants to eat some nachos might still be circling the streets for a parking spot.

Yup, time once again for our weekly look at parking in the City of Brotherly Love. As always, send us your tips and photos of the best/worst parking situations to

When you lock your bike to a tree

Someone might subtly suggest that maybe you should not.

The PPA will do something good soon

The PPA made life easier for Philadelphians these last few years in one small way: its parking app. Starting in November 2015, people could use the app MeterUP to pay for street parking on their smart phones. It was a godsend.

Then in April it was ripped away. The company that designed and maintained the app went under.

Last week, the PPA released some good news. A pay-for-parking app should be back by the fall. The agency has five responses to a request for proposal and expects to sign a contract with a company by late July. The app would follow a few months later.

When summer festivals are ruined because… parking

Who doesn’t like a great summer block party or cultural festival? Certain people who have cars, that’s who.

Several events like these are happening this weekend, like the Odunde Festival. It shuts off parking from 18th and South to 27th and South and for a couple blocks on nearby streets like Grays Ferry Avenue and Bainbridge.

It’s the largest African-American street festival in the country and a great time every year. But, oh yeah, parking so not everyone can be happy.

Wayne Gretzky* has some thoughts

*Note: That is not actually Wayne Gretzky.

It was raining quarters?

When you’re stuck at work and need to get home to find a spot

Tweet of the week

We’ve all been there, man.

But sometimes the parking gods giveth

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