A parking spot app will only help so much...

Ah, South Street. Home to tourist cheesesteaks, gigantic pizza slices, cheap phone accessories and your teenage goth years.

And parking woes. The strip is a well-known PPA hot spot, because non-city visitors + parking time limits is a lucrative recipe for ticket revenue. But anyone who walks South Street knows the real story isn’t the citations. It’s the struggle.

One of the trickiest things about parallel parking on most Philly streets is there aren’t any lines. One car can throw off an entire block, resulting in half-spaces that drivers will unwisely (and unsuccessfully) try to squeeze into.

But then there’s this spot. And this guy. This guy.

Credit: Billy Penn Illustration

When you manage to find the rare space-and-half at Ninth and South in the middle of a weekday — aka the perfect spot for any suburban family’s SUV (with third-row seating!) — how do you manage to still smack the car behind you when pulling in? Is that a Camry or a yacht you’re driving, dude?

Look. At. All. This. Space.

Credit: Jordan Gunselman / Billy Penn

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Tweet of the week

What’s the worst thing about Philly? It’s not the under-funded, under-performing schools. It can’t be the gun violence. Or the opioid epidemic. Right, it’s gotta be the parking tickets.

Shannon Wink was editor of Billy Penn from August 2017 to January 2018.