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On a given block of South Philly, Fishtown, Manayunk or any other infamous parking neighborhood, you’re bound to find people playing the savesies game. You know how it looks. They place a cone, chair or recycling bin in the way so others can’t use a parking spot.

But what about seeing all of the above?

At the same spot?

Credit: Contributed photo

Welcome to the 2200-block of E. Susquehanna in Fishtown, where one resident has been engaging for the last seven or eight years in what might be the most extreme game of savesies in Philadelphia. As our tipster, who shall remain anonymous, explained, “Every single person within a couple blocks knows it. We all complain about it constantly.”

It doesn’t happen every day, but it happens often, usually when the guy goes to work. That picture above was taken a couple weeks ago. If you look at Google Street View for the 2200 block of E. Susquehanna, dating from August 2014, and pan a little to the left you’ll see two massive cones resting in the parking spot, too.

The police have gotten involved. But the extent to which they’ve intervened depends on whom you’re speaking with. Our tipster said neighbors have been contacting the authorities to little avail, that for a while officers stopped by and wrote tickets and moved the cones. Then they stopped.

“A week or two later,” said our tipster, “and the guy that does this said, ‘So do you have a problem with my cones?’ He said, ‘Listen, I took care of the cops. I’ll take care of you, too.’”

The police beg to differ. The 26th District, which covers the area, insists it has been issuing numerous code violation notices, each for about $75 to $100.

“He will eventually have a lien put on his home,” said Sgt. Jason Forsythe. “He will continue to get ticketed. We will address it as he’s been told numerous times and been cited.”

Forsythe said the police have been aware for awhile. The man’s activity and the neighbors’ complaints ebb and flow.

“The neighbor will stop for a little while and then parking tempers must flare, and here comes the cones and everything else,” he said. “And we get involved once again. It seems like a constant battle between him and his neighbors.”

Our tipster rarely drives, so he doesn’t actually need the spot. Still, sometimes he can’t help interfering.

“People just move his cones out of spite,” he said. “When I’m in a bad mood it’s good to give people free parking on the street.”

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