Philly’s tallest building is almost done: Comcast II now three floors from the top

Employees should begin moving in by the end of the year.

Mark Dent/Billy Penn

Comcast II is just months away from shifting from construction site to office building.

Representatives from Comcast and Liberty Property Trust insist the building’s construction is on schedule, meaning at least some Comcast employees should be moving in for work before the end of the year. The entire building, formally called the Comcast Technology Center, is set to be completed in the first quarter of 2018.

As you can tell from walking through Center City, Comcast II has gone from concrete-filled hole in late 2014 to about the tallest structure in the city, its unfinished upper floors and attached crane towering at about the same height as neighboring Comcast I. But it’s probably closer than you’d even imagine to being done. The building will contain 60 stories, and 57 of them have been closed off. Some 9,000 windows have been installed. The topping-off ceremony, which celebrates the last beam being placed atop a structure, should happen sometime this fall.

On the lower floors, work has moved from construction to the “fit up,” i.e. slowly transforming them from building sites to looking like offices. There’s about 1,500 people continuously working on the project, and work is being done on every floor.

When Comcast II is finished, software engineers, software architects and technologists will be among the 3,000-plus employees expected to move in. NBC10 and Telemundo will also have office space. The highest floors will be used for the Four Seasons Hotel and three private properties Liberty sold for several millions dollars each.

The project has been relatively smooth for the cable giant and Liberty. Aside from a slowdown because of a contract dispute with the International Union of Operating Engineers (the same union recently in the news for race issues) that affected multiple construction sites, delays have been minimal.

Just like at Comcast I, the general public will eventually get to visit the new Comcast building, which holds holiday light shows during Christmas season, or at least a connection to it. A concourse will connect Comcast II to Suburban Station and be lined with shops and eateries.

The bad news? Still no slide!

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