Do you know how far away you’re supposed to park from a fire station?

Neither did we. (It’s 20 feet, btw.) There are quite a few Pennsylvania parking laws that aren’t exactly common knowledge, unless you’ve held onto the manual you used to study for your learner’s permit.

We gave our Twitter followers three parking pop quizzes this week and they did pretty well. The questions, of course, were based on actual laws and not “Philly parking things you can get away with.”

Here’s how Twitter responded to these three questions. See the correct answers at the bottom of this post.

The Week in Philly (Twitter) Parking:

Be careful what you wish for

Philly drivers are the real superheroes

Parking space is all relative

Get in line

This woman has the right idea

And now for your parking pop quiz answers

(Sorry, we couldn’t put these upside down.)

Q: What’s the max distance your tires can be from the curb when you parallel park?

A: 12 inches.

Q: How much space do you have to leave between your parked car and a fire hydrant?

A: 15 feet.

Q: Which parking violation will get you the biggest fine?

A: Illegally parking in a handicap spot. That’ll cost you $301. In Center City and University City, it’s $25 more.