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Stepping in dog poop in Fishtown is like spotting Philly Jesus at Dilworth Park — it’s just a matter of time.

Loose doo-doos scattered along Fishtown sidewalks have become part of the neighborhood’s landscape over the years, and pedestrians and park-goers are quick to bring up what a nuisance it is to have to constantly sidestep dog poop.

Litter in general is an issue Fishtown is concentrated on addressing, and local groups have made several attempts to remedy the situation in the past few years. The Fishtown Neighbors Association’s Feed the Fish initiative introduced 20 new public trash cans to the neighborhood in 2014, but despite the added resources, bins in Fishtown are still often overflowing. The FNA is in the process of expanding its Feed the Fish program, and the city is working to reduce litter everywhere.

Despite some locations offering poop bags and miniature receptacles, public squares and dog parks are also feces minefields, leading many people to blame Fishtown’s poop problem on irresponsible dog owners, rather than a lack of trash facilities.

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