SEPTA’s one-trip tickets will now work at any El or subway station

The Key is getting a little bit easier — starting Friday.


Starting tomorrow, SEPTA riders who buy one of those one-trip tickets can now use them at any Market-Frankford or Broad Street line station… not just the one they bought it at. Hooray for a little bit more convenience.

SEPTA officials announced today that beginning Friday, Oct. 6 — as part of the continued expansion of SEPTA’s digital payment system — customers can purchase “Quick Trip” tickets at any MFL or BSL station for use at any MFL or BSL station.

What’s that mean in practice? So you can currently only use a Quick Trip ticket at the station where you purchased it. Now, you can purchase two Quick Trip tickets in one purchase: one for the first leg of your trip, and one for the second. It’s like a round-trip ticket! Sorta.

The one major caveat to keep in mind: The Quick Trip tickets still must be used the same day they’re purchased. So you can’t go to a SEPTA kiosk and buy a whole bunch of Quick Trips for the week, or you’ll be SOL. Each Quick Trip — which can be purchased for $2.50 at any MFL or BSL station — is only valid for one trip, meaning no transfers or reloads.

(And sorry if you’re heading out of town: The new two-trip purchase capability won’t apply to Regional Rail Quick Trips for the Airport Line.)

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