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How bike lanes make everyone safer and don’t interfere with parking

Plus a weekly roundup of Philly parking tweets

bikes cars share the road
Jordan Gunselman / Billy Penn

Bike lanes are good for cars. And pedestrians.

Nope, this isn’t a hot take. It’s basic safety logic, laid out most recently by Inquirer columnist Inga Saffron. Her seven-point takedown of the tired “bikes vs. cars” mentality points out the overall health benefits of bike lanes — exercise, sure, but also a reduction in carbon emissions by having fewer cars on the road, and cleaner lungs for cyclists who aren’t stuck behind vehicles.

But the biggest point Saffron makes that might have bike-lane-haters thinking twice: These lanes aren’t totally bad for car-lovers, who often consider them to be nothing more than parking spot usurpers. Because, as annoying as this might be for cyclists, bike lanes also serve as loading and pick-up zones, as well as providing easy parking during religious services.

Can’t we all just get along?

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