College kids love their Pat's cheesesteaks

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Philly college students use UberEATS to order a lot of cheesesteaks. No big surprise there, but the actual quantity is remarkable: So many Pat’s King of Steaks cheesesteaks are delivered to Penn, Temple and Drexel that, per data released by Uber last week, the signature sandwich is the No. 5 most-ordered item by college students — in the entire country.

Across the U.S., the other four most-popular UberEATS study aids are

  • Halal Guys’ combo platter
  • &Pizza “craft your own” pies
  • McDonald’s fries
  • Seoulspice bibimbap bowl (the only one we don’t have in Philly)

Philadelphia college kids don’t go too, too crazy with munchies, according to this data, which ranks the city’s combined campuses as 14th “healthiest” in the nation.

The student body here does kick it late-night, though. Philly is No. 5 in the country when it comes to how often UberEATS makes wee-hour deliveries to universities. We trail Los Angeles, D.C., Chicago and NYC in that regard, but do more after-hours chowing down than Miami or Dallas, for example.

Uber is loving how fully its food delivery service has been embraced by students. In August the company announced it was expanding to 31 more campuses, bringing its service to a total of 85 major colleges in the U.S.

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