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Philly is planning a parking spot alert app

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A parking spot app will only help so much...

A parking spot app will only help so much...

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What’s Philly doing with its Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Grant? Trying to make parking suck less.

Actually, the city has a bunch of ideas in the works, including making property data more accessible, affordable housing and things like smart street lighting in non-Center City neighborhoods.

But yes, also parking. As Curbed explained in this recap of the city’s Smart City roadmap workshop, one way Philly can leverage technology is through an app that alerts you to nearby open parking spaces. The really cool thing about this? The city already has plenty of surveillance camera infrastructure to kickstart a project like this.

Parking posts of the week

A duck boot on wheels at Temple

“Dear Parking Ticket People, you are killing me”


Parking > coffee

Parking > good roads

Parking > work

Parking > fire safety

Well, yeah


There’s no such thing as free parking

But there is such a thing as revenge parking


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