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A year of street protests reflected in ‘Resistance Photography’ art show

Eight photographers will showcase work in a joint exhibit leading up to Nov. 8.

RP show
via Chris Baker Evans
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— via Chris Baker Evans 

On the anniversary of Donald Trump’s election as US President, an art show called “Resistance Photography: a year of 45″ will host its opening reception at Baltimore Avenue’s Green Line Cafe.

The show, which goes up Nov. 1, will run through Dec. 31. It features work by eight photographers — Kaltoum Alibrahimi, Chris Baker Evens, Darryl Murphy, Sonja Nosisa Noonan-Ngwane, Joe Piette, Kaytee Ray-Riek, Tieshka K Smith, and Rachael Warriner — offering their individual perspective on the many forms of protests, marches and public actions of resistance they’ve documented over the tumultuous year.

“We are a group of photographers who met each other at the many protest events over the last few years,” said photographer Chris Baker Evens. “We organized ourselves into a support network called six months ago and this exhibit is the first public event featuring our collective art.”

“We take photos of people combating racism, bigotry, war, hate or other injustices. Since some of us are political activists as well as photographers, we want our art to reflect protesters’ convictions in a way that humanizes their movement,” said Joe Piette.

Photographer Kaltoum Alibrahimi added “”As a queer woman of color, the issues we document are very much personal to me. In this age of censorship and the criminalization of dissent, it feels increasingly important to document. This show is a tribute to those on the front lines as well as those doing the behind the scenes work.”

Facebook event for the 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 8, grand opening is here.

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