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Life is good in Philly sports. It’s not often we get to say that, so let’s relish in this for a minute. Soak it in, folks: The Eagles are 8-1 and headed into the bye week as the best team in football. They’ve won seven-straight games and have scored 27 or more points in all eight wins. They just dropped 51 on the best defense in football Sunday, and that was without Zach Ertz, the team’s leading receiver.

On top of that, Seattle, one of the contenders for a bye and home field advantage in the NFC, lost at home to Washington, which puts the Eagles two games up over Seattle and Dallas. The Birds are one up in the loss column over Minnesota, New Orleans and the Los Angeles Rams. It’s a happy day to be an Eagles fan.

The Sixers, meanwhile, have won four-straight games to get to 5-4 on the season, the first time the franchise has been over .500 since November 13, 2013. After Friday’s win, the Sixers are in the midst of a four-day break before a five-game West Coast swing. They’re as good as advertized, finally.

The Flyers have been struck with early-season injuries and are working through the addition of a lot of young players who are building the core of the lineup. But through 15 games they’re in line for a playoff spot and they, like the Sixers, are enjoying an extended break, last playing in a shootout loss to Colorado Saturday before facing Chicago this coming Thursday.

The Phillies last week hired their manager of the future Gabe Kapler, which has people very excited, in one way or another. Everything’s coming up Philly! Heck even Temple football won this week.

This is almost too good to be true — where Sixers chants break out at Eagles games and both teams are excited about it. Where there’s legitimate hope for all four franchises in Philly at the same time. Where playoffs seem like a lock, and championship parades may not be out of the realm of possibility. Soon.

So why are Philly fans pissed off today? No, it’s not about Howard Eskin and coconut oil. It’s this guy:

What the hell, man?

Look, I don’t know who this guy is and I’m not about to scour the Philly internet find out. I don’t even care if this photo is real or fake and I’m not sure if this was taken this weekend or if it’s from 10 years ago and @PhillyFanLife just pulled it out over the weekend to make people mad and get a ton of hate retweets. Mission accomplished, bro. Fly Eagles Fly, Trust The Process and all that, but what the hell?!?!

This could ruin the week. It’s Philly sports, and you know as much as I do that being happy feels weird. We need something to be mad at. So thanks, jerk.

It’s not even the fact this guy has the Cowboys star on his leg that’s the most annoying thing. As we’ve written about during the NFL Draft and last season when the Eagles and Dallas faced off, there are a lot of goddamn Cowboys fans in Philly, many having never even been to Dallas. So, fine, here’s just another Cowboys fans in Philly. No big deal. But to throw the star in succession with other iconic Philly logos is crazy. It’s wrong. It’s like putting mustard on a cheesesteak and DON’T AT ME IF YOU DO THAT I cannot take it right now after seeing this guy’s leg.

Right or wrong, this town prides itself on its “four for four” mentality — being a fan of the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers and Flyers — with all due respect to the Philadelphia Union, they’ve yet to crack that hardened Philly fanatic veneer. So, what, this dude just thought he could sneak the star in the middle like that? Not on the other leg or on his back or on his forehead so everyone could know who we’re dealing with here? (And as a since deleted tweet to us pointed out, there’s probably a very obvious reason this guy’s leg doesn’t have a Sixers log on it.)

Even the stupid cartoony skateboard on top of the LOVE statue is annoying. And the Flyers logo is way bigger than any of the other logos. Everything about this guy’s leg sucks, down to the black tights under the knockoff And1 shorts he probably got at Forman Mills 15 years ago like 5 for $20. Even the rusty old fence makes this looked staged. This has to be Photoshopped, right? Just to piss us off? This is too good (read: bad) to be true.

Commenters on Twitter noticed a lot more, like of course this guy smokes Newports. We’ll spare you the particularly awful comments and just share a few of the best. Maybe they’ll make you feel better about being a fan in the city again. Sorry if this already ruined your day.

If you know who this guy is, feel free to drop us a line. But do it anonymously, because there’s no way anyone should admit being associated with him.