The Week in Parking

Parking ticket forgiveness, the worst date ever and other Philly parking news

‘Whenever I get into a tight parking spot I wish someone was recording so all my haters could see my skills.’

Too cool to park legally? City Council wants to forgive you.

Too cool to park legally? City Council wants to forgive you.

Jared Brey / Billy Penn

Major parking news broke late last week: City Council passed a bill to create an amnesty program for drivers who’ve racked up unpaid parking tickets over the years.

You can read the whole bill here, but here’s the TL;DR version: The city will let you pay $50 to wipe your pre-2013 parking ticket debt as long as you haven’t gotten a ticket since 2013. Others can pay what they owe since 2013 and everything before that will be forgiven.

Sounds like a dream for people who have trouble reading signs and DGAF about fire hydrants, bike lanes and pedestrian access. It’s a nightmare for the services that benefit from parking violations — particularly the schools.

The Pennsylvania Auditor General recently found the Philadelphia Parking Authority has failed to collect more than $580 million from outstanding tickets since 1990. Nearly $80 million of that would have gone to the School District of Philadelphia.

The next stop for the bill is Mayor Jim Kenney’s desk.

The Week in Parking

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