The best Philly parking tweets and videos of 2017

Please finish parking before you read this.

Parking fail
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If you’re not looking for a parking spot in Philly, you’re talking about how hard it is to find one, or you’re busy hogging a bike lane or crosswalk. Even when there’s no parking news, there’s something to talk about.

But 2017 gave us a lot of parking news — from the failed lawsuit to end parking in the South Broad Street median, to the demise and return of meterUP, to the patronage extravaganza that is the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Every week since May, Billy Penn’s been keeping tabs on all things parking. And our favorite part of our “Week in Parking” posts is the tweets (and the occasional Instagram or Reddit photo). Because for every article about a giant PPA pension, there’s a ticket on a UPS truck waiting to be photographed.

Here are the best parking tweets, photos and videos from 2017.

The Year in Parking


Doesn’t matter what he runs for. He’ll win.

The best response to the first No Savesies campaign of the season

Handicap parking status: It’s complicated


DYK the Navy SEALs practice parking in Wissinoming?

Scientific law of parking


When those pesky fire hydrants force you to talk a little bit

Evidence of the PPA’s absolute power



On the next episode of ‘Parking Wars’

Fighting the PPA? Channel your inner Maxine Waters

Those who can’t, heckle

Does it even count as double parking when there are so many open spots?

Welcome to college in Philadelphia. Try SEPTA.


She cracked the parallel parking code

Watch people outside traffic court take this parking laws quiz

When your cars are just too fancy for the street

Avoid the parking issue entirely by flying everywhere

Watch drivers find out they just parked on the most ticketed block in Philly


When your priorities are definitely right

UPS attempting all the violations at once

Welcome to Philly

Always check the signs. And the “signs.”


Here’s hoping Mitch McConnell doesn’t join the PPA board

Now that’s what we call a sticky situation

Men. Again.

Teach ’em young


What…? Why… Nevermind.

Sunday scaries got me like from philadelphia

TV media parking vs. public media parking

Watch this driver spend 3 minutes parking the biggest spot ever

Best parking strategy ever


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