Whoever left that cone on the sidewalk needs a lesson in how to 'savsies'

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Did you hear the news? It snowed. Yep, all over the place. Inches and inches of it. If you’ve been holed up in your house for the last two days because of the frigid surroundings, don’t forget to move your car if it’s in an emergency route.

Having said that, if you’re just hearing about this now, it’s probably too late. Because if your car was on one of the city’s emergency routes, or parked too close to a corner, it’s already gone. If you trudge out to where you left your vehicle before the bomb cyclone hit and it’s not there, chances are it wasn’t stolen. It was moved by the city. The Streets Department urges residents to not call police. Instead, call 215-686-SNOW and someone will tell you where they put your car.

While we’re at it, if you haven’t shoveled your walkway yet, stop reading this right now and go do it. The city requires you to shovel a path at least 36 inches wide within six hours of the end of a snowfall. So get out there. And do not shovel the snow into the street, as the penalty for doing that can range from $50 to $300.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way — and/or if you just got back from shoveling all the way to see if your car was towed — here are some tweets and Instagrams about Philly people parking in a bomb cyclone.

Sorry #NoSavesies dragon, winter is already here

The Philly police are back with a friendly reminder that you can’t save parking spots in the snow. How’s that working out so far?

Someone get dad a whistle and a badge

My dad hears the word “snow” and turns into the parking police fitting all the cars in the driveway

— michele (@micheleflemingg) January 3, 2018

Someone get Ashley a badge, too

I’m about to snitch on my neighbors annoying ass

— amoreeluna (@mariieashle) January 4, 2018

Rules are rules




No need for #Savesies when you have open lots


If you got a spot before the snow, you got lucky

#BombCyclone has a good side, #Philly! ❄?@PhilaParking isn’t enforcing parking on residential streets starting until the emergency is lifted!???#Philadelphia #parking #PPA https://t.co/Lhp6PqmVN6

— Rate My Philly Landlord (@RateMyPhilly) January 4, 2018

Who needs a weatherman when you’ve got a Wawa?


This week, 5 mph seems like speeding

What’s worse, the lack of parking in philly or the bike riders doing 5mph in the middle of the street ?

— Château Bordeaux (@abordizzle) January 3, 2018

Eww. Scrape, man. Scrape!!!!

Frozen bird poop on my windshield from the work parking lot … To scrape off or not to scrape off?

— John Masino III (@johnnyJM3) January 3, 2018

Spawn of satan could probably melt all this snow

Fire hydrants and hidden garages are the spawn of satan when trying to find a parking spot in south philly at night pic.twitter.com/Vf1F0oGuXm

— Eddie Behrens (@eddiebehr) January 4, 2018

At least it’ll be warm…


‘There goes the Porsche!’

Not enough parking spots? This is what happens when Philly has too many parking spots.