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There’s always plenty of money gambled on the outcome of the Super Bowl — last year’s contest saw nearly $5 billion in bets. But as the Eagles prepare to take on the Patriots this Sunday, there’s more at stake than just cold, hard cash.

We’re talking food. Beer. Candy. Costumes. And most of all, pride.

Everyone from politicians to brewery owners to ice cream makers is getting into the Philly vs. New England spirit, and the wagers they’ve placed range from amusing to adorable to absurd.

Here’s a rundown of everything on the line this year. (Did we miss one? Let us know.)

U.S. Senators

Who: Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey vs. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey

What’s at stake: Talk about bipartisanship. In this political showdown, the losers will have to send the winners some hometown goods. Casey and Toomey bet Philly cheesesteaks and Yards Brewing Company beer. Warren and Markey put a slew of local beers on the line: Jack’s Abby of Framingham, Notch of Salem, Flying Dreams of Worcester and Cisco of Nantucket.


Who: Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter

What’s at stake: This one is the battle of the Rockies. In Brockton — a suburb outside Boston — there’s a 20-foot statue of undefeated heavyweight boxer Rocky Marciano. Marciano’s statue will face off against Philly’s famous Rocky Balboa statue on the Art Museum steps (good luck). The losing Rocky will wear the winning team’s jersey. Mayor Kenney also wagered a keg of Yards beer against Brockton’s Rocky Marciano wine.

The “Rocky v. Rocky” Super Bowl wager is on w/ @PhillyMayor Jim Kenney. The losing Rocky will wear the team garb of the #SuperBowlLII Champs! Mayor Kenney will also put up a keg of “Yards” beer against our Rocky Marciano wine. @stevedamish_ENT @Patriots @JoshBrogadirTV pic.twitter.com/XbbGsHCOPQ

— Mayor Bill Carpenter (@MayorBillCarp) January 25, 2018


Who: Philly City Council President Darrell Clark vs. Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell

What’s at stake: These local politicians wagered local eats. Clark bet a bunch of Reading Terminal Market goods, including a butter cake from Flying Monkey Bakery and Philly blend coffee from Old City Coffee. And Campbell risked cannolis from Mike’s Pastry.

I’m so confident about the @Eagles on #Superbowl Sunday I’m willing to bet the farm, @CampbellforD4! Thanks to @RdgTerminalMkt GM Anuj Gupta & these wonderful merchants for showing your #PhillyPride ? pic.twitter.com/oVwUiFiGPF

— Darrell Clarke (@Darrell_Clarke) January 31, 2018

Attorneys General

Who: Pa. AG Josh Shapiro vs. Mass. AG Maura Healey

What’s at stake: It’s not just pride on the for these attorneys general — it’s apparel. If the Eagles win, Healey has to wear midnight green at her next press conference. If they lose, Shapiro will wear a Tom Brady jersey at his next public event.

The truth comes out! Watch to see my findings on the #Patriots, who’s providing them legal sanctuary (hint: it’s @maura_healey) and what will happen when the #Eagles fly to victory in the #SuperBowl. pic.twitter.com/hDxc3QHdex

— Josh Shapiro (@JoshShapiroPA) February 2, 2018


Who: Philadelphia Museum of Art vs. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

What’s at stake: The loser has to loan a work of art to the winning museum.

.@mfaboston Super Bowl LII lineup. #MuseumBowl #SB52 #FlyEaglesFly pic.twitter.com/oxu5Y0Yr9q

— Philadelphia Museum of Art (@philamuseum) February 2, 2018

Who: American Philosophical Society vs. Boston’s American Academy of Arts and Sciences

What’s at stake: The loser has to send the winner a special historic artifact. If the Eagles win, Boston will send over a copy of Ben Franklin’s personal manuscripts outlining his experiments with electricity. But if we lose, we owe them John Adams’ personal copy of his book “A Defense of the Constitutions of Government.” The winner gets to display their prize for the public.

This #SuperBowl will be a historic match between our hometown @Eagles and the @Patriots, but let’s bring some founding fathers into the mix. @AmericanAcad, will you agree to a wager? ?? pic.twitter.com/OIbnggLd0k

— Am Phil Society (@AmPhilSociety) January 31, 2018


Who: Philadelphia Zoo vs. New England Zoo

What’s at stake: The losing zoo has to name its next-born baby goat after the winning team’s quarterback — Foles if the Eagles win, and Brady if the Pats win.

.@zoonewengland We accept your challenge and come Sunday, #FolesIsTheGoat! We’ve been training for this all season – If our @Eagles beat your @Patriots you must name your next goat kid “Foles”! If the Pats win, we’ll name our next goat kid “Brady”. Game on, kid! #FlyEaglesFly pic.twitter.com/sIMCoRE4rh

— Philly Zoo (@phillyzoo) January 31, 2018

Musical groups

Who: The Philadelphia Orchestra vs. The Boston Symphony Orchestra

What’s at stake: If the Eagles win, Boston’s Music Director Andris Nelsons will wear an Eagles jersey at the podium during one of next week’s rehearsals. If they lose, Philadelphia Music Director Yannick Nezet-Seguin has to wear a Pats jersey.

YouTube video

Who: Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus vs. Boston Gay Men’s Chorus

What’s at stake: The loser has to perform a song of the winner’s choice. For Philly, that’s Boston’s Gay Men’s Chorus performing a rendition of “Philadelphia Freedom.” If the Eagles lose, Philly’s Gay Men’s Chorus has to perform “Please Come to Boston.” The loser also has to post a video of the performance on its YouTube channel.

.@Eagles, @BGMC1982 challenged @philagmc to a #SuperBowlLII musical sing-off. If the Pats win, we have to perform “Please Come to Boston” and when the #Eagles are victorious, BGMC will perform “Philadelphia Freedom!” No pressure but crush the Pats! #FlyEaglesFly #InFolesWeTrust pic.twitter.com/Ck7OMSfYRO

— PhilaGayMen’sChorus (@PhilaGMC) January 31, 2018


Who: Temple vs. UMass

What’s at stake: The loser will have to send some local food the winner’s way, who’ll reciprocate with school swag. If the Eagles take it, UMass Boston will send some New England clam chowder to Temple, and receive some Philly college merch. If the Pats win, Temple will send Tastykakes and Wawa coffee up to UMass.

@UMassBostonDSA we accept your challenge and look forward to sending you some @TempleUniv swag! Go @Eagles ??? #gobirds #underdogs #Eagles pic.twitter.com/81DJpL5xdS

— TU Dean of Students (@TempleUDoS) February 1, 2018


Who: Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank vs. Boston Federal Reserve Bank

What’s at stake: The losing bank has to serve a staple food from the winning city in its employee cafeteria. If Boston wins, that means Philly will serve New England clam chowder. If the Eagles win, it’s Philly cheesesteaks.


Who: Victory Brewing and Yuengling vs. Sam Adams and Jack’s Abby

What’s at stake: The losing brewery has to wear the opposing team’s jersey and its signature mask — i.e. the underdog mask from Philadelphia or Boston’s goat mask. Showing some good sportsmanship, both teams will also take donations throughout the week for charities chosen by the opposing team. Boston breweries will send donations to help preserve bald eagles, and Philly breweries will donate to the Freedom Trail (a tour of Boston historic sites).

We made a bet that WHEN Philly beats New England, brewers at @SamuelAdamsBeer and @JacksAbby have to put on dog masks and wear green. IF (big if) New England wins, brewers at Yuengling and @VictoryBeer have to wear goat masks and NE colors. GAME ON! https://t.co/vUczaa1CcM

— Yuengling Brewery (@yuenglingbeer) January 31, 2018

Who: Yards Brewing vs. Harpoon Brewery

What’s at stake: The loser will have to pour the winner’s beer in its taproom for an entire day, and its staff will be required to wear the winning team’s colors.

Time to put your beer where your mouth is, @harpoonbrewery! #YARDS #Philly #Underdogs #GoBirds #BrewUntoOthers https://t.co/Y9Ei2k5m8f pic.twitter.com/D05CgLmV6x

— Yards Brewing Co. (@yardsbrew) January 28, 2018

Who: Conshohocken Brewing vs. Lord Hobo Brewing

What’s at stake: If  the Eagles win, Conshy Brewing Type A will be served in Boston, where staff will wear Eagles gear. If the Pats win, Conshy folks will serve Lord Hobo Glorious and don Pats apparel. A charitable donation will also be made to the winner’s charity of choice.



Who: P.J. Whelihan’s vs. STRIP by Strega

What’s at stake: Come Monday, the loser has to wear a jersey repping the opposing team. Also, if the Eagles win, Nick Varano of the Boston-based Strip by Strega will ship enough Boston cream pies and lobster rolls for 20 people to P.J. Whelihan’s. If the Pats come out on top, P.J. Whelihan’s founder Bob Platzer will send a Philly-style tailgate up north.

These Lobster rolls are going to taste oh soo good! #FlyEaglesFly #PJsDoesItBetter https://t.co/K4z6XTKkx0

— P.J. Whelihan’s (@PJsPub) January 30, 2018

Burger joints

Who: Sketch Burger vs. Best Burger Bar

What’s at stake: Their menus. If the Eagles win, Boston’s Best Burger Bar will serve a cheesesteak-style burger the weekend after the Super Bowl. But if the Patriots win, Sketch Burger will have to sell a TB12 Burger (a veggie burger with avocado, Brussels sprouts, hummus, dandelion greens and sweet potato fries).

Burgers have meat not dandelions! Tell em Sketch fans! https://t.co/oqssOXmaur

— Sketch Burger (@Sketch_Burger) February 1, 2018


Who: Bassetts vs. Maple Valley

What’s at stake: The loser has to wear the winning creamery’s t-shirt for two weeks and serve a signature flavor named after the winning team.

Less than a week until our friends at Maple Valley Ice Cream Company will be wearing Bassetts gear. Wouldn’t… https://t.co/zPBFsLgEch

— Bassetts Ice Cream (@bassetts_ic) February 1, 2018

Religious instutitions

Who: The Archdiocese of Philadelphia vs. the Archdiocese of Boston

What’s at stake: Both churches bet $100 in donations to help the poor in the other’s region.

“In the event (when) the @Eagles win, Cardinal Seán will make a $100 donation to @saintjohnshosp, which provides emergency services to the homeless here in Philadelphia.” +Chaput via https://t.co/HDQbkQPEKX re: friend wager for #SuperBowl #FlyEaglesFly pic.twitter.com/LgdpBj8zUt

— Archdiocese Phila. (@ArchPhilly) January 31, 2018

Who: Congregation Rodeph Shalom vs. Boston’s Temple Israel

What’s at stake: The losing synagogue will donate 18 times the point difference in the final score to a charity of the winning synagogue’s choice. For Philly, that’s Philly Youth Basketball. For Boston, that’s the CTE Center at Boston University Medical Center, which conducts research on brain trauma in athletes and military personnel.

Bring it on, Rabbi Zecher & @TI_Boston! @rodephshalom will not be deflated! A Philly-Boston Superbowl tzedakah wager. As next week’s Torah portion teaches: “I carried you on the wings of EAGLES and I brought you to Me.”

— Rabbi Jill Maderer (@rabbimaderer) January 23, 2018


Who: Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors vs. Greater Boston ASsociation of Realtors

What’s at stake: If the Patriots win, Philly real estate pros will send cheesesteaks to Boston. If the opposite happens, there’s some New England clam chowder on its way to Philly.

Who: Pennsylvania Association of Realtors vs. Massachusetts Association of Realtors

What’s at stake: Loser will have to make a very public concession speech at the winner’s reception in D.C. this year.

Historical figures

Who: “Betsy Ross” vs. “Paul Revere”

What’s at stake: If the Eagles win, Paul Revere will fly Betsy Ross’s 13-star flag. But if the Patriots win, the Betsy Ross House will hang two lanterns to represent Revere’s ride.

Restaurant apps

Who: Reserve’s Philly team vs. Reserve’s Boston team

What’s at stake: If the Pats take it, Boston is getting scrapple, soft pretzels, Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews, Taylor pork roll and Butterscotch Krimpets. If the Eagles are victorious, Philly will enjoy Dunkin’ Donuts, Irish whiskey, Parliament Lights, Neil Diamond’s Greatest Hits, baked beans and assorted cannoli from Mike’s Pastry.

I have to add our @Reserve wager. As reported by @phillydotcom‘s @McDanielJustine https://t.co/eI9tFPofs1 pic.twitter.com/TzTQ0be5Ng

— Ben Fileccia (@BenFileccia) February 3, 2018

Bonus round: Bets between the Eagles

Who: Eagles defensive end Chris Long vs. Eagles linebacker coach Ken Flajole

What’s at stake: This one is an all-Eagles bet. In training camp — long before the Eagles had secured their spot in Super Bowl LII — Long promised Flajole that he’d get a tattoo of Flajole’s face on his body if the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Flajole said he’s holding Long to it.

Here’s linebackers coach Ken Flajole talking about his bet with Chris Long. If the #Eagles win the Super Bowl, Long is getting a Flajole tattoo. pic.twitter.com/QMVJpKfYEN

— Dave Zangaro (@DZangaroNBCS) January 31, 2018

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