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Updated Feb. 8

College students will do almost anything to get out of class. Naturally, they see the Eagles’ first Super Bowl win as a perfect opportunity.

After the city set Thursday, Feb. 8, as the official date for the victory parade, several Philly colleges and universities began announcing classes that day would be cancelled.

Officials at Temple, Drexel, Penn and University of the Arts made their decisions to close partly because commuting via public transportation getting in and out of the city is expected to be difficult (if not nightmarish) — and partly so students, faculty and staff had the opportunity to join in on the fun.

But most college students in the Philly suburbs were out of luck when it came to getting a day off.

Several were so distressed by the lack of a free day that they began petitioning their administrations to suspend classes on Thursday, even if their schools were nowhere near the Center City parade route.

Ursinus College

Those studying in Collegeville, Pennsylvania — about an hour from the Art Museum (where Thursday’s final ceremonies will happen) — created an actual online petition.

With an initial goal of 1,500, the petition has so far raked in more than 1,200 signatures.

But though Ursinus tweeted its support for the Birds on Sunday morning, it hasn’t yet heeded the call to disrupt education in the team’s name.

West Chester University

Meanwhile, West Chester students’ online petition has a whopping 6,500 signatures so far. That’s despite the fact that the school is more than an hour away from the Art Museum.

On social media, students have expressed the need for a full day off to support the region’s NFL champs. One student even called out Carson Wentz specifically, asking the team’s injured quarterback to support the cause.

No dice, West Chester. Seems like you’ll still have to hit the books Thursday.

Immaculata University

FYI, not all the student petitions were total busts. One Immaculata student begged for the day off — and he actually got it, despite the school being located an hour away from the action.

Maybe it’s because he asked so nicely?

University of Delaware

This school’s petition is lacking in support compared to the others: fewer than 600 signatures so far.  Probably because it isn’t actually anywhere near Philly.

True, Delaware doesn’t really have its own team to root for, but seriously, guys, you’re reaching.

Rowan University

South Jersey, on the other hand, is prime Eagles territory. Students from this Glassboro school set up a petition and clamored on Twitter to get classes excused this week.

Extra poignant because 23-year-old running back Corey Clement hails from the Gloucester County town.

But despite a few thousand RTs (and that Clement call-out), Rowan will have class as usual on Thursday. Sorry, NJ.

Villanova University

When Villanova won the NCAA championship in 2016, Philly hosted a parade for the school at City Hall. And it got pretty crazy. Thousands of Villanova fans turned out in Center City and flooded Market Street.

For this parade, Villanova students probably won’t get the same opportunity. The university hasn’t yet announced it will cancel class this Thursday.

Still, you might see some Villanova students at the parade. Let’s be realistic.

Holy Family University

About 40 minutes from the parade’s final stop, students from this Northeast Philly college also want off. There are more than 1,500 signatures on Holy Family’s online petition.

Sorry guys, it’s not looking good. Holy Family hasn’t yet announced any cancellations for this Thursday.

La Salle University

More than 1,100 students signed off on cancelling classes at La Salle — and the petition was delivered directly to the Office of the President. Lucky for them, their wish was granted. Yesterday, La Salle announced it would be another school among the lucky few to actually cancel class on Thursday.

College Hall aglow in Eagles’ green. Stay safe if you’re heading to the parade tomorrow, and even if you’re not. SBLII2018

— LaSallePublicSafety (@LaSallePubSAFT) February 8, 2018

LaSalle giving us off for the parade tomorrow is the biggest come up since my mom gave birth to me

— Nick Bartley (@sick_nick4_20) February 7, 2018

And apparently it meant a lot to people.

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