Savesies, the PPA or the union rats — what's worse?

There’s trolling, and then there’s master trolling. Under the latter category: Creating a “Worst of Philly” competition that includes the purveyors of the popular “Best of Philly” list as one of the contenders.

So is “Philly Mag race baiting” one of the most horrible things about this city?

Unclear, but we may find out. The item has made it to the Elite Eight round of the March Madness-style bracket currently running on Crossing Broad. (Yes, that link goes to a long Philly Mag profile of the self-proclaimed “irreverent” local sports blog. Oh, the irony.)

A few weeks back, Kevin Kinkead, who said his full-time job is blogging for the site, put together a collection of the absolute worst things Philadelphia has to offer.

Among the first-round picks: Comcast customer service, I-95 construction and the Aramingo Avenue Wawa.

Voting was held via Twitter poll, and annoying as the highway construction may be, it got beat out by the PPA. Not a huge surprise — to Kinkead, the PPA is an obvious No. 1 seed.

“If you’re 10 seconds over your meter, you have a ninja sitting in the trees waiting to ticket you,” he said. “There’s no leeway. There’s no human element.”

Then there were the “strong number twos,” things like parking spot savesies and the Schuylkill Expressway.

“The irony of all these things is you can avoid half these things if you have a car,” Kinkead noted. “Maybe it’s my fault for trying to drive a truck around a walkable city.”

The idea to run a “Worst of” bracket was inspired by WIP SportsRadio host Brian Haddad, Kinkead said. Every year, Haddad organizes the 64-item Piece of Garbage Madness.

That bracket compiles the worst things in the entire United States. Kinkead saw the need to do it locally.

Others apparently agree. The first round of very low-key Twitter voting garnered more than 500 responses.

Which is pretty great considering that when Kinkead launched the bracket earlier this month, he didn’t have much of a plan. He wasn’t sure how or when he’d conduct voting, and he got a late start. (NCAA March Madness is now down to the Final Four, while he’s only at 12.)

But he’s still committed to the process. He’ll likely hold another vote-by-tweet this weekend — turn of the calendar to April be damned — that will narrow the bracket down to the Elite Eight. “We’re just having fun with it,” he said.

An important disclaimer: Kinkead thinks Philly is actually a pretty great place to live.

But, he maintains, it’s inherent in the city’s nature to point out its problems and take for granted its benefits.

“Obviously if Philadelphia is really that bad I would not be living here,” he said, “so I hope everyone can take it with a grain of salt and get some laughs out of it.”

Michaela Winberg is a general assignment reporter at Billy Penn. She covers LGBTQ people and culture, public spaces, and transportation and mobility. She also sometimes produces radio and web features...