The best silly made-up holiday to happen this week was definitely National Pet Day. Because who doesn’t love pets? Even Stu Bykofsky loves them.

For most people, whether or not you have furry ones at home, pics of cute animals offer a great break from the daily grind. That’s what we were feeling midweek, so we asked you to show us your adorable loved one on Twitter. And you responded with great creature-filled kindness.

Check out all these great best friends helping brighten the lives of Philadelphians.

Nothing going down on this street she doesn’t know about.

Margot is so, so ready for warm weather.

A PAWS rescue who rules from her cushioned throne.

Eagles fans come in all species.

Cat on a leash alert! And enjoying it!

May we all take such satisfying naps.

Sully might’ve been skeptical before the Super Bowl, but he repped hard — it worked.

The odd couple.

What tranquilizer are you on, Ivy, and can we get some?

Double the cuteness, double the fun.

Unless you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins!

Piper is just dandy on her own, thanks.

Zero chance of being lonely with this motley crew.

A bit fuzzy, but contains way too much fuzzy cuteness to skip.

Helloooo, nose.

Hellooo, face!

There might not be anything more endearing than an 8-week-old German Shepherd.

That’s one way to share a bed.

A dog that loves getting bathed? What planet is this?

Perpetual sad face, but he’s smiling on the inside.

Watch out!

This is a very cute…rabbit?

What was that about curiosity?

Curiosity is safer when you’re indoors.

Well played, Drexel, well played.

This is all of Philly’s dog right now.

Life. It’s grand. Go live it.

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